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AMETEK Aerospace & Defense launches a major improvement in aircraft air data sensing – the Total Air ProbeTM. The Total Air ProbeTM’s unique design (patent pending) replaces a number of traditional, separately and redundantly installed, air data ADMs including mechanical AOAs, Total Air Temperature Sensors, Pitot Probes, and Static Air Ports. The Total Airdata Probe delivers total and static pressure in mbars, temperature in deg C, angle of attack in degrees, and BIT (built-in test) status, with one ARINC 429 connection. 

The Total Air ProbeTM delivers many advantages. Combining multiple functions into one instrument saves time and expense for sensor installation. Since connectors are a historical weak point for instrument reliability, the Total Air Probe provides increased reliability due to a reduced number of connectors vs traditional methods for Air Data Systems. Further, the unit contains heater power control for better heating efficiency and increased reliability due to lower duty cycle.
Total Air Probe

Total Air Probe Datasheet 

The Total Air ProbeTM contains highly accurate, highly reliable air data pressure sensors within its housing. By locating the pressure sensors closer to the measurand, the readings are more accurate than those provided by systems with remotely located pressure sensors that add pneumatic pressure delays.

The result is a more accurate reading for altitude. The pressure sensors are also utilized in monitoring angle of attack, or angle of side slip, depending on location of the unit’s pressure ports relative to air flow.

AMETEK Aerospace & Defense has a reputation for supplying innovative products for the aviation and military industry. The Total Air ProbeTM builds on AMETEK’s experience with Total Temperature Sensors for aircraft engines, a critical instrument operating in a difficult environment. It also capitalizes on over thirty years of experience with aircraft Angle of Attack Sensors and Stall Protection computers.

The result is a reliable sensor that offers a number of advantages for aircraft air data systems.
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