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AMETEK’s piezoelectric accelerometers are designed to meet the operational and reliability requirements of aerospace applications. With over fifty years of experience, AMETEK offers piezoelectric accelerometers in all three modes of operation: compression, shear, and bender. AMETEK also designs accelerometers for a wide range of temperatures, environments, frequency responses, sensitivities, and configurations. Piezoelectric Accelerometers 

020064 Piezoelectric Accelerometers

AMETEK’s piezoelectric accelerometers meet the following performance requirements: high accuracy, high sensitivity, wide-band frequency response, ultra-low cross-axis sensitivity, isolation from mounting forces and temperature gradients and fully-welded construction for isolation from extreme pressures and environments. AMETEK has design experience with low noise softline cables, hardline cables for high temperature operations, cable braiding, special connectors, uni-axial, bi-axial, and tri-axial sensors, integral electronics, and special mounting configurations.

Performance, established ‘in-field’ reliability, and experience makes AMETEK’s piezoelectric accelerometers the optimum choice. AMETEK will custom design and manufacture piezoelectric accelerometers to cost-effectively meet customer-specific requirements.

Typical Applications 

  • aircraft engines
  • helicopters
  • centrifugal pumps
  • compressors
  • gas generators
  • launch vehicles
  • missiles
  • marine vehicles

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Alex Pope
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Latam / Asia Pacific
Joe Winnay
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Aftermarket Sales Manager
Mark Samways 
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Global Distribution & Military Sales Manager
Paul West
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